Common Questions - Answered for you by our Friendly Elves

Common Questions
Answered by our
Friendly Elves
  • What are Santas Texts?

    TextsFromSanta are messages sent on each day leading up to Christmas from Santa. It's the modern day Advent Calendar! Messages dictated by Santa himself are sent on a daily basis, telling the recipient what he, Mrs. Claus, the elves and the reindeer are doing in preparation for Christmas! Texts are entertaining and fun, telling a story while counting down to Christmas. Personalization lets the recipient know Santa is talking directly to them!

  • What is Santa's Video?

    Have the REAL Santa create a video for your family! Simply fill out some fun questions and Santa will talk about them in a personalised video sent to you straight from the North Pole! After filling out the video request form, most videos are sent within 24-48 hours. Watch and share the video as many times as you like!

  • What age group are Santas Texts appropriate for?

    Each message is written with care to be appropriate for ANY age group. It is fun to read the messages to our little ones who cannot read themselves yet, fun for children and fun for adults to read as well. We guarantee that no message will be offensive or inappropriate in any manner. Ever.

  • When and how often are the messages sent?

    Messages are sent on a daily basis each day in December, ending on Christmas day with a very special photo of Santa!

  • What is Santa's Proof Picture?

    Santa's Proof picture is a fun way to show that Santa has visited your home! Upload any picture of a room in your home in a .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png format, and then on Christmas morning, your recipient will receive a message with your picture - except that Santa will be in the picture! Our elves will capture Santa in your house. It's a quick fun way to further enhance Chritmas Magic!

  • I want to sign up someone as a gift. Will they know what it is?

    It's fun to play Santa! The first message from Santa always lets the recipient know that someone that loves them told Santa they were so good that Santa should contact them! This allows you to send Santas Texts as a surprise gift if you would like to! Every recipient will have the option to opt-out at any time, so it is a fun, risk free gift to send!

  • Can I respond to Santas Texts?

    No, we're sorry! Santa is really busy during the month of December (as you will find out!) so he cannot regularly respond to personal texts. However, check out our new custom texts feature included with every order that allows you to help Santa mention something specific!

  • What if I don't want to receive the texts anymore?

    Recipients will have the option to opt-out of receiving the texts at any time. Simply replying 'STOP' to Santa's number will let Santas Elves know that the recipient does not want to be contacted from Santa any longer. Messages will discontinue as soon as STOP text is sent. To re-continue Santas Texts, simply text 'START' to begin again.

  • What about SMS fees?

    If the recipients phone service charges a fee per SMS or text, then a fee will apply. If this is your situation, we offer the option to have Santa's Text sent to an email address instead. Simply choose 'Send to Email' in the order process and fill in the recipients email to have Santas Texts sent through email rather then SMS, therefore avoiding extra fees.

  • Can Santa write to me in a language other than English?

    Currently we only offer Santas Texts in English. However, this has been a noted request and we look forward to introducing multi language Santa Texts soon!

  • Do I have to personalize Santa's Texts?

    TextsFromSanta's texts are fun and appropriate for all ages! If you would rather not personlize them, or if you do not know personalization information, the recipient will still be able to benefit and enjoy Santas Texts. The only required information is where to send the messages to! If there is no personalization, the message will be generalized so it still can be enjoyed by all.

  • How many Elves does Santa have anyway?

    Santa's workshop is home to at LEAST.... hey! You almost tricked me into telling you!! Santa's workshop is full of magic and wonder, and even Santa's Texts will not ruin that! Santas messages will help spur imagination and anticipation to Christmas, while keeping intact the wonder of Santa for many years to come!

  • Is there a charge?

    There is a one time charge for each TextsFromSanta season. This includes all texts and the Christmas morning picture. For future seasons the one time fee is applied in January so you can utilize your account all year long and recieve birthday Texts From Santa! You may opt out at any time.

  • How does it work?

    Each day leading up to Christmas you will receive a message via text or email from Santa telling what he did that day, counting down to Christmas day, or a fun Christmas activity he and the elves are doing. Each message will be personalized with information provided during sign up (all personalization is optional - just include what you'd like) to make it more fun and exciting! Christmas day will include a link to a personalized picture, creating a perfect ending to a fun countdown. All personalized pictures will be sent via a link in the text or email to a personalized online location for download.

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